[ntp:questions] Falseticker determination

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Thu Apr 5 01:52:39 UTC 2012

Dave Hart wrote:
> A C <agcarver+ntp at acarver.net> wrote:
>> Where in the code of 4.2.7p270 is the determination that
>>  a peer is a falseticker?  I'm looking through ntp_proto.c
>>  but I don't think I'm fully grasping how the determination
>>  is made and the peer marked.
>> I want to put some debug lines in the area of the code
>>  where the falseticker is determined so I can figure out
>>  what conditions are causing the PPS to be marked as a
>>  false ticker.
> Line 2519 of ntp_proto.c (in clock_select):
> 		peer->new_status = CTL_PST_SEL_SANE;
> All survivors to that point in the code get the x, fleetingly.  Those
> that keep it fail to survive to line 2688:
> 		peers[i].peer->new_status = CTL_PST_SEL_SELCAND;

I would have thought 2835 - 2855 might be where he would
 want to take a closer look.

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