[ntp:questions] ntpd executable -x option

Nick G nickgeovanis at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 20:25:37 UTC 2012

ntpd 4.2.2p1 installed from shipped ntp-4.2.2p1-15.el5.x86_64 on
RedHat 5.7:

Assume that ntpd runs with "-x" and has only one "parent" (lower
stratum number)NTP server and no peer servers.
True or False or Insufficient-Data:
According to the man page and doc.ntp.org, "kernel time discipline is
disabled" if my local ntpd uses "-x". So if my local ntpd loses its
one-and-only parent NTP server, the local ntpd will no longer enforce
any discipline whatsoever on the local clock. In other words, my local
ntpd is literally doing nothing, just consuming a little RAM and a few
cycles every now and then.


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