[ntp:questions] Is a high-stratum falseticker possible? Complex configuration and unexpected result

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Thu Apr 26 20:10:41 UTC 2012

rumegauu at ugpa.ru wrote:
> Could you explain to me HOW this is possible?
> The prime server with stratum 6 declared falseticker,
>  when the peer with stratum 12 is considered to be true.

________________________________|- true chimers -|__________________
_________________________|---------- other B ----|__________________
_____________________________|------ other A ---------------|_______
________________________________|--- other C ----------------------|
_________________________________________________|- false tickers -|
|- false tickers ---------------|___________________________________
|- -|_(90sec out in left field)_________________________

  How NTP Works

* Clock Select Algorithm

  Clock Cluster Algorithm

FYI, You could try adding prefer to your "prime server" ?
server iburst minpoll 4 maxpoll 7 prefer

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