[ntp:questions] Sow to sync system time to BIOS automatic after ntpd updated os time from remote ntp server?

Colin Song song6295 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 13:10:33 UTC 2012

Hi, all,
I meet below problem on SUSE11 sp1 64bit with ntp4.2.4p6:
1. Set os date and bios date 7 minutes earlier than current date time;
and wait ntpd to sync from remote ntp server to fix the time , after
some minutes, both OS time and bios time fixed.

2. but when I try to test 30 minutes instead of 7minutes, only os time
synced with upper level ntp server, the bios time still 30 minutes
earlier than os time. hwclock can sync time to bios.

Is there any option to control the "sync to bios" action?
Or I need to set a cron job to run hwclock ?



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