[ntp:questions] SBC-ATT Time Servers

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Wed Aug 1 04:57:34 UTC 2012

xsiunnu at gmail.com wrote:
> at&t just doesn't have much of a clue, when it comes to
>  Network Time.

For a long time, it has appeared that they don't have clues,
 or don't care about lots of things.  {Whats new?}

> for years, they had clocks running on NIS+ servers,
>  mainly to keep time in sync on the network devices.
> The "new" at&t ... launched U-Verse, which had insane
>  timing requirements, hence the build of the Anycast
>  ntp servers (ntp1.sbcglobal.net/ntp2.sbcglobal.net).
> Most of the U-Verse STBs sync to these ...
>  but not the network equipment!

I though those existed before SBC borged ATT,
  certainly well before uverse?
 They are routinely several dozen ms out (for years).

> The network hardware, talks directly to the stratum 1 clock(s).
> Correction, most of the network equipment talks to the
>  Richardson stratum 1..

Are any of those the 12.230.208.### & 12.230.209.### ones?
 Seems like most stuff uses those 4? servers.

> Apparently, nobody but me still uses the SNFC21 or WLFRCT
>  stratum 1 clocks :p

IIRC WLFRCT didn't return mru.

> I strongly suspect, after I told Darth Felo to take my job,
>  and shovel it ....

Sounds fun (I guess).

> NOBODY has been minding the clocks, at all.

Sounds to me, like normal operations for them (Shrug).

> The RCSNTX stratum 1 ( is almost always 50
>  seconds off now.

I think you mean Milli-Seconds,
 & I'd say that is typical for several of their ntp servers,
 for at least several years.

> I'd be willing to bet nobody has so much as performed
>  one iota of maintenance on that system, since I deployed it,
>  in 2008.


> There is another stratum 1 clock source, in Wallingford, CT.
> So far, I've never seen any of the anycast nodes so much
>  as ask it for time!
> I find it to be MUCH more reliable: st1gs-ntp3.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net
> Unless someone gets a swift kick in the hiney up in the 'new'
>  at&t ... I'd avoid the stratum 1 clock in RCSNTX
>  (st1gs-ntp.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net) and the anycast clock nodes
>  that sync off it (ntp1.sbcglobal.net/ntp2.sbcglobal.net)
> The stratum 1 clocks ARE open to any clients, however they
>   are restricted and controlled, somewhat.
>  My initial configs seem to still be in place.
>  Though, sometimes I think someone's foo!bar'd the SNFC21 clock,
>  as it's over 60 seconds out-of-whack, pretty consistently.

I don't recall the SNFC21 ntp server,
 however again I think you mean Milli-Seconds.

I wasn't aware they were generally telling people about the
  st1gs-ntp.rcsntx & st1gs-ntp3.wlfrct ntp servers.

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