[ntp:questions] WARNING: someone's faking a leap second tonight

Marco Marongiu brontolinux at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 08:28:49 UTC 2012

On 01/08/12 04:40, jclerman0 at gmail.com wrote:
> Yes, this affected us.  Can someone explain why this was done?  Was
> it designed to be a test of some kind?  The Linux leap second kernel
> bug that was discovered a month ago was only patched on July 17; that
> patched kernel has presumably not made it to many (most?) people yet.
> So if it's a test it seems wildly premature.

I tried to collect some information around the globe, but with scarce/no
feedback. I am *suspecting* that this could be a rather imaginative
attempt to DOS worldwide.

Anyway, a colleague of mine is now hunting down some upstreams that
faked the leap second. If we get something out of his research, I'll let
you know.

-- bronto

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