[ntp:questions] NTP + PPS on Atom motherboards

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Wed Aug 1 20:05:15 UTC 2012

Hahn, Ron wrote:
> Thank you for these helpful advises. I am recalling many years ago there were such things as line transceivers that converted the signals from TTL-RS232 and backwards.  Do these still exist in the world and have you perhaps these part numbers?  I am thinking this is the only thing left to try. Except possibly changing the PPS pulse width.  Maybe with the Fat PPS board?  This is reminding me of the old days. Printers and Terminals! :)

1488 and 1489, with various prefixes, are, in some order, drivers and 
receivers for use with +/- 12V supplies.

MAX232 is the standard 5V based driver.

I rather imagine they still exist, as UARTS and ASICS don't directly 
produce RS232 levels.

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