[ntp:questions] Facing some issue in the ntp version Ver. 4.2.6p1

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Wed Aug 1 23:06:26 UTC 2012

Martin Burnicki wrote:> If in current versions of ntpd the local clock stays
>  selected as system peer after the daemon has started even
>  though good upstream time sources are available, or if it
>  "eats up the -g flag" after startup so ntpd terminates
>  itself when remote servers become available and the
>  initial time offset exceeds the sanity limit, then in
>  my opinion the local clock driver is just broken in the
>  current version of ntpd and should be fixed. I don't know
>  if what the OP has found out could already be part of a fix.
> As said above, this used to work perfectly with older
>  versions, and it should be up to the user if they are
>  satisfied with a simple, easy configuration, or if they
>  want a more enhanced configuration requiring much more
>  basic knowledge to get it working as expected.

It seemed to me like the issue was there was only one
 external reference, and ntp was unable to win the
 byzantine battle with just itself & one other, it didn't
 know who was lying.

... and IIRC the initial description seemed like it was
  sort of the opposite of a blade server; Several embedded
  proc cards in slots of a computer?

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