[ntp:questions] WARNING: someone's faking a leap second tonight

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Thu Aug 2 21:56:36 UTC 2012

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:> Does ANYONE use a stratum 10 server?

Sure all the way up to S 15.
 I rarely see them getting past S 4 in practice,
  except for when fudged / orphaned to a higher stratum.

> If so, how good is the time?

That would mostly depend on the dispersion
  of every server increasing from the root?
 Worst of which would being network latency jitter?
 Although the poll rate is going to add some?

 Likely at least 10ms out,
  in practice probably low 100s of ms out from the root,
   if they were all non-LAN internet servers
    to each other neighbor.

If you have two remote internet locations,
 with five free computers at each location,
 you could find out for yourself.
   and have A1 noselect B10 for comparison.

 I guess you could do it with four
  at each remote internet location,
   if you started with a S2 pool server,
    and no selected the S0 & S10 on your S3.

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