[ntp:questions] WARNING: someone's faking a leap second tonight

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 6 19:51:05 UTC 2012

On 8/6/2012 8:44 AM, Dick Wesseling wrote:
> In article <501D6636.9050905 at gmail.com>,
> 	Jeffrey Lerman <jeffrey.lerman at gmail.com> writes:
>> On Fri, Aug 03 2012 at 5:42PM, Harlan Stenn <stenn at ntp.org> wrote:
>> It looks like this recently-filed (and cryptically-named) ntpd bug might
>> be related to the bogus leap seconds?
>> http://bugs.ntp.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2246   "sys_leap is stick"
> I intended to type "sticky".

Proof read before hitting "send"!  Especially if you are a poor typist. 
  I find that a "spelling checker" is a good thing to use.
Of course it won't help much if you type the wrong word!

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