[ntp:questions] Can someone please explain how "dànké." morphs to "xn--dnk-9ka1c." when you plug it into IE or Firefox?

M3 marty.musatov at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 10:28:23 UTC 2012

I suspect this might relate to a simple class of one-dimensional
cellular automata
with two possible values for each cell (0 or 1), and rules depending
on them...
but I don't quite understand how they work.

Of particular interest was how in IE browser the search term "dànké."
placed into the address bar morphs to URL "http://xn--dnk-9ka1c./"
only momentarily but then generates a google search for the term
"dànké." via the below URL.


What processes govern these morphs? Can someone give me a step by step

I was also interested in how just "ànké." converts to the URL "http://
xn--nk-iia2b./" in the address bar, but then does not go on to
generate an "ànké." query like "d"ànké." did. Why might this be?

I am also further interested in how a search for the term "xn--

calls up the below text:

@lV+ 9JQb KB|E tKaw r:b] %ueY g1u. &0y 6U80v DIf8 Lnz~ "d3M 5 ...


(9# J2p| D9c[F +Dr/: oY9" F?F Wc,~ fy- '>>2% %Vyw =4'F& EdL0y +i/v xN
%X p ...... ~/)yB *PD1 FlAP4W V{R% 9Mz( hnU/ .l,1 M^&7 NVy& MKdQ[ Dnk~
pq-s 4'6{ ("fc ...... 0p+r+ ))*b j{Sup RYAX Ue+V %lbS VeMW +w5mmF w>_r
Cz+z E:jk1 9kA1c ...

FORMAT : 86 VERSION: 9 HDRBLKS: 15 TYPE :Scan frame SITE ...


Aug 22, 2006 – ... .
AOC at 94CFF>,C;>JB\J6C>VJ=C-G>8I7>@@<9KA1C E9=9<<@AL ...... BF;@OGKK;

Thanks, Martin Musatov

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