[ntp:questions] Programmatically monitoring / controlling NTP service

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at meinberg.de
Wed Feb 1 14:34:25 UTC 2012


Robert Hegner wrote:
> Thanks Martin for your reply!
> I want to monitor/control NTP from C#, which does not support static linking. So I need to create a wrapper (.dll) around libntp anyway. I guess I can make sure in that wrapper dll that only one thread can access only one ntpd at the same time.
> My main problem now is that I don't really see where to start when using libntp. In which .h file(s) can I find the high-level functions which I would need to expose in my wrapper dll? I hope I don't need to care about cryptography and other low level stuff in my application...
> Is there any documentation for libntp?
> Another question: Meinberg's NTP Time Server Monitor seems to use a ntpsvcio.dll. What is this dll? Is it something Meinberg specific?


I had a closer look at this stuff and found that I have confused the 
library names of libntp and ntpsvcio.

All I wrote in my previous post about libntp is true for ntpsvcio. Some 
of my colleagues here at Meinberg have put this together some time ago.

There has been a discussion to pick this up into the NTP source tree, 
but it looks like this has not yet happened.

The libntp library from the NTP sources, on the other hand, provides 
some common pieces of code for the other programs which are part of the 
NTP package. I'm not sure if this is useful for "external" applications.

I'll see if I can put some info on ntpsvcio together and make it available.

Sorry for the confusion.

Martin Burnicki

Meinberg Funkuhren
Bad Pyrmont

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