[ntp:questions] Second attempt at GPS-18 based NTP server

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Fri Feb 3 09:12:42 UTC 2012

> I only have a single pc with GPS source and some pcs on
> lan  use that. I also have "tos minsane 3" which means
> that the single GPS source isn't enough.
> I've also had GPS blacked out along with MSF, for a few
> months last year. Previous year and this year there's
> not been a problem. From my location it's certainly not
> possible to rely on radio signals.
> David

Quite understood, David.  I suppose it was my interest in getting the more 
sensitive GPS 18x LVC and the low-cost Sure Electronics boards which 
resulted in me having four GPS timing receivers!  MSF used to be quite bad 
here, and I haven't really checked since the transmitter relocated north.


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