[ntp:questions] clock selection

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Sun Feb 5 01:50:55 UTC 2012

Mark C. Stephens wrote:
> For the clock selection to work properly,
>  do I need at least 2 other time sources?
> I have noticed that if I have one ref clock and one
>  server configured they both get marked as false ticklers.
>   Add a third server and it all works.
> Just want to check if this is the expected behavior.

What is the LAN server synchronized to?
 Does the LAN server have a refclock too?

Likely there is no intersection / overlap of the two sources.

prefer the ref clock?

increase tos mindist?


Once you have the refclock dialed in,
 you can try setting the LAN server to noselect,
  run for a day or so,
   and see how far it strays relative to the refclock {probably within 20-25ms},
 increase the mindist, and remove the noselect for the LAN server

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