[ntp:questions] how to change the runtime priority of NTPD on Windows

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Fri Feb 3 17:14:42 UTC 2012

Ron Frazier (NTP) wrote:
> I decided to install the Meinburg NTP server and monitor
>  on my Windows machines.


> I updated the key NTP programs and am using NTP version
>  ntp-4.2.7p249-win-x86-bin from Dave Hart's website


> using RealTime priority creates periodic spikes where the
>  offset upwards of 35 ms or so.
> When I manually switch to Above Normal priority using
>  task manager, my offset excursions tend to stay within
>  15 ms and the graph is smoother.


> So, the question is, how do I force this process to always start at the
> priority that I want, rather than having to change it each time in Task
> Manager?

Change the service's "Path to executable" e.g. ntpd.exe -M ...
 Get rid of the -M


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