[ntp:questions] timing issue with a HP 58534A

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Mon Feb 6 08:17:08 UTC 2012

> Bad, GPS not working with NTPD when set to timing mode:
> $GPGGA,053037,3345.8218,S,15105.5278,E,0,08,00.35,000090.0,M,0020.5,M,,
> Footnote:
> To further complicate matters, I wired up a tee cable and sent the NMEA 
> to another NTP server here running windows NTPD 4.2.7p238-o.
> NMEA works fine on that server in either mode.
> Is the only difference the nmea gga fix word?
> Many thanks,
> Mark

The "0" after "E," (for east) indicates "Invalid", see:


x = GPS Quality indicator (0=no fix, 1=GPS fix, 2=Dif. GPS fix)

So NTP rejects the device.  Perhaps the Windows port of NTP is less fussy?


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