[ntp:questions] ntpd losing sync

A C agcarver+ntp at acarver.net
Wed Feb 8 20:17:14 UTC 2012

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BlackLists wrote:
> A C wrote:
>> Harlan Stenn wrote:
>>> And have you tried the same thing without the "minpoll 9" entries?
>>> What happens if you let ntpd ramp up the poll interval as it sees fit?
>> The poll intervals aren't ramping which is why I have the minpoll
>> directives.  They stay locked to the PPS polling interval which causes
>> my system to severely abuse the remote servers.  So I have purposefully
>> added the minpolls to play nice with the remote systems.
> I thought that was fixed in current versions of ntp?

No idea if it's supposed to be fixed but I can confirm the behavior. 
Whatever the PPS polling rate, the others follow behind it.

>>>> server ntp1.gatech.edu prefer minpoll 9
> I would have thought you would want to prefer your local refclock(s),
>   rather than something farther away?

The only local refclock is the GPS with PPS which I'm trying to set up. 
  The PPS itself is stable but ntpd is not behaving properly.  The GPS 
offset wanders around quite a bit more so I'm not using it until I get 
PPS straightened out (and the polling period issue).

Man, lots of good message came through in a single block last night.  I 
found 140 new messages from lists.ntp.org when it's normally just a few 
a day.

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