[ntp:questions] Update NTP on FreeBSD 8.2

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Thu Feb 9 18:13:53 UTC 2012

Folks, I admit that I know very little about FreeBSD!  Following the 
recent discussions I have:

- Updated my FreeBSD from 8.0 to 8.2, in the hope that this might update 
NTP.  It didn't.

- It did manage to insert some duff lines in sshd_conf which were enough 
to stop that working!  Fixed that after I dug out another display and 

- It lost my kernel PPS configuration, which I managed to restore by 
following the instructions for FreeBSD 5 with the suggestions made by 
Harlan Stenn.

- I tried to update NTP using the instructions here:
  but that didn't seem to update the version after a restart.

- I compiled the dev-NTP I had downloaded following the instructions in 
the INSTALL file, which also appeared to compile, but did not alter the 
ntpd version after a restart.

So I suspect I am missing some key step like copying the newly compiled 
executables from where they have been compiled (twice) into the final 
directory from where the system runs them.  As I said, I'm a complete 
novice in FreeBSD so likely I'm missing some very obvious step.  I've 
Googled this but must be searching for the wrong keywords.

Suggestions would be appreciated.


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