[ntp:questions] Come back PPS I miss you!

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Sat Feb 11 16:20:52 UTC 2012

Yes for sure, I have tidied it up, 3 stratum 1 servers and all the other baggage cleared.

Re your comment about comments:

A macro is defined:
#define ISEOL(c)        ((c) == '#' || (c) == '\n' || (c) == '\0')

And then
                (const char*)tokenlist[0] = keywords[prop_index].text;
                for (ntok = 1; ntok < MAXTOKENS; ntok++) {
                        tokenlist[ntok] = tokens;
                        while (!ISEOL(*tokens) && (!ISSPACE(*tokens) || quoted))
                                quoted ^= (*tokens++ == '"');

                        if (ISEOL(*tokens)) {
                                *tokens = '\0';
                        } else {                /* must be space */
                                *tokens++ = '\0';
                                while (ISSPACE(*tokens))
                                if (ISEOL(*tokens))

So it seems the code stops processing the value for the property when a # is seen.

However, a clean config is a happy config ;)

I dug out a really old Rockwell Jupiter rx and got it working. I will see if I can get the rockwell refclock and PPS happening until my sure arrives.

I am also going to pull the HP antenna down, and look at replacing the module <grin> is anyone interested in photos of the guts?

Many thanks,

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> Ah you mean the time2 -0.4886745895 figure?
> That's quite interesting how I got that, I averaged the 60 second 
> offset sample over many days :)
> I am a Crazy man..
> Cheers Dave :)

If you are referring to my comments, I was suggesting that you remove all but the minimum essential lines for running your GPS/PPS device.


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