[ntp:questions] Come back PPS I miss you!

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Sun Feb 12 05:31:50 UTC 2012

Apologies, Sometimes the threads get a little jumbled my end.

What's a good email client with quoting etc, I am using outlook 2010 at the moment...

>> I didn't make any!

> However, a clean config is a happy config ;)
> I dug out a really old Rockwell Jupiter rx and got it working. I will 
> see if I can get the rockwell refclock and PPS happening until my sure 
> arrives.
> I am also going to pull the HP antenna down, and look at replacing the 
> module <grin> is anyone interested in photos of the guts?
> Many thanks,
> Mark

> > Let's know what happens with the Rockwell Jupiter - I don't know that box.

I fired it up, ah ntpd v4.2.7p253 doesn't seem to recognise refclock 31 anymore which got a giggle out of me :)

I added the usual server property into the config file but it never shows up on the list of peers.

So I have tried pps (driver 22)

One thing I noticed, no matter which PPS source I try, (acutime gold, rockwel, HP GPS) they always get marked false tickers!

I have removed the min/max poll tokens from the property and I will now leave it running to see if it pulls in. 

I did have to fudge time1 0.0480 to get offset down..

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ntpq -p
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
xPPS(1)          .PPS.            0 l    5   64   77    0.000    1.646   3.243
+ntp             .GPS.            1 s   33   64   77    0.045   -8.206   2.712
*ntp.melbourne. .ATOM.           1 u   50   64   67   40.217   -0.017   2.216
-ntp.hobart.     2 u   64   64   67   49.914   -4.417  10.535
+ntp.brisbane. .ATOM.           1 u   55   64   67   31.316    0.897   1.929

as soon as I put flag 3 1 in the fudge I always get:  refclock_params: time_pps_kcbind: Unknown error: 45 

According to a reply to an earlier post that is because it is not implemented in NT. Oops.

Other than that, have a great Sunday!


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