[ntp:questions] ntpd -g option

Echols Jr, Thomas tommy.echols at cubic.com
Tue Feb 14 16:54:03 UTC 2012

I was wondering if the -g option with ntp is only good when using time
servers.  Currently I am running a system that uses a GPS and a radio as
time sources and ntp keeps the system time in sync. However if the
system time is too far off, say a few years, it is my understanding that
with a -g, the system time should be adjusted to the current time as
long as it is within 64 years of the current date.  This is not
happening.  When I stop ntp and run it in debug mode the following
messages are printed which is why the clock never syncs up.


refclock_transmit: at 1

event at 1 SHM(0) 801b 8b clock_event clk_no_reply

event at 2 SHM(0) 801b 8b clock_event clk_bad_time

refclock_transmit: at 2

event at 1 SHM(4) 801b 8b clock_event clk_no_reply

event at 2 SHM(4) 801b 8b clock_event clk_bad_time


when the time is manually adjusted to a closer to actual time this is
what the debug message looks like:


event at 17 SHM(0) 8044 84 reachable

refclock_sample: n 16 offset 0.000295 disp 0.000000 jitter 0.000031

clock_filter: n 1 off 0.000295 del 0.000000 dsp 7.937515 jit 0.000031

select: combine offset 0.000294622 jitter 0.000030518

clock_update: at 17 sample 17 associd 782



Does anyone know why this would occur?  Will a -g option not work with a
Shared memory time source, or is there something else that needs to be
done in tandem. Below is my ntp.conf file:



driftfile /var/run/ntp.drift


#server pool.ntp.org


# By default, exchange time with everybody, but don't allow

restrict -4 default kod notrap nomodify nopeer noquery

#restrict -6 default kod notrap nomodify nopeer noquery


# Local users may interrogate the ntp server more closely.


#restrict ::1


server minpoll 4

fudge refid gpsd


server minpoll 4

fudge refid radio




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