[ntp:questions] Using a uC based embedded device as SNTP server

Thorsten Mühlfelder thenktor at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 09:52:21 UTC 2012


I've already posted these questions 8 months ago without answers, but
now the problem came to my mind again. Sorry for double post.

I'm using a Atmel uC embedded device as SNTP server. The code is
working so far, but I wonder what the correct settings are for:
* stratum
* precision
* root dispersion
* reference identifier
* reference timestamp

The embedded device has a battery buffered hardware RTC, that is
capable of 1 second resolution. The used oscillator though has a
frequency tolerance of 20 ppm.
On startup the device tries to get the time from a pre-configured NTP
server once.

In my understanding my server is a stratum 1 with reference identifier
LOCL. Also I chose reference timestamp as last time correction by
SNTP. Is this correct?

I also wonder about the precision an root dispersion settings, as the
RTC only has a resolution of 1 second.

Thanks for any help, I'd like to set it up the right way.

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