[ntp:questions] help - clock jumps up to 5000 ms startup ntpd with usb gps linux

Rob nomail at example.com
Sun Feb 19 10:53:19 UTC 2012

Ron Frazier (NTP) <timekeepingntplist at c3energy.com> wrote:
> *GPS_NMEA(5)     .GPS1.           0 l    4    8   37    0.000  563.733   

Don't try to use NMEA for timesyncing!  It will only drive you crazy.

The timestamp in NMEA is a "time of last fix", not the current time.

Some people are lucky and seem to be able to get a usable result, but
they really are working outside the specs and can get bitten at any
firmware change (as was recently seen with some Garmin firmware).

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