[ntp:questions] ntp version 4.2.7p257-o

Dave Hart hart at ntp.org
Mon Feb 20 02:22:02 UTC 2012

Thanks for pointing out the nodebug/debug confusion for the p257
binaries for Windows.  I've renamed the .zips to repair.

I suspect the rest of your problem will be fixed soon once a release
comes out that has Juergen Perlinger's improved emulation of line
discipline serial input in the Windows port of ntpd.  In the meantime,
you can potentially work around it by cranking your serial line rate
to the minimum 4800 bps, which may require configuring the GPS to emit
fewer sentences each second.

As for ownership of the NMEA driver, quite a number of us have had our
fingers in it, including Juergen Perlinger, Hal Murray, Venu Gopal,
Danny Mayer, myself, and others whose names don't appear in commits
because they submitted patches integrated by Harlan or someone else.

Dave Hart

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 01:52, Mark C. Stephens <marks at non-stop.com.au> wrote:
> Dave,
> Astounding, the PPS tally came on with this version but only with the debug version and only for 2 short times of about a minute each.
> That is the first time I have seen the PPS tally under windows and although only on and off for a short period I am very happy we have progress!
> Unfortunately, the PPS tally won't come back, no matter what I do, The same feed and config works flawlessly on ntpd - NTP daemon program - Ver. 4.2.7p256 (FreeBSD)
> Just a heads up: On the FTP, ntp-4.2.7p257-win-x86-debug-bin.zip contains the non-debug version and ntp-4.2.7p257-win-x86-bin.zip contains the debug version.
> Also with –D2 there are, for what it looks like to me, garbage chars on the debug output:
> refclock_gtlin: fd 5 time 3538687955.517997 timecode 0 ╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠
> ╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠░ì└
> refclock_gtlin: fd 5 time 3538687956.008909 timecode 71 $GPGGA,005237,3345.9174,S,15105.4586,E,
> 0.5,M,,
> GPS_NMEA(1) gpsread: 71 '$GPGGA,005237,3345.9174,S,15105.4586,E,0,07,00.38,000090.0,M,0020.5,M,
> refclock_gtlin: fd 5 time 3538687956.008909 timecode 0 ╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠
> ╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠░ì└
> refclock_gtlin: fd 5 time 3538687956.518031 timecode 31 $GPZDA,005237,20,02,2012,+00,00
> GPS_NMEA(1) gpsread: 31 '$GPZDA,005237,20,02,2012,+00,00'
> GPS_NMEA(1) processing 31 bytes, timecode '$GPZDA,005237,20,02,2012,+00,00'
> GPS_NMEA(1) effective timecode: 2012-02-20 00:52:37
> GPS_NMEA(1) using '$GPZDA,005237,20,02,2012,+00,00'
> refclock_gtlin: fd 5 time 3538687956.518031 timecode 0 ╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠
> ╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠╠░ì└
> Is this Hal’s driver?
> Many thanks,
> Mark

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