[ntp:questions] ntp version 4.2.7p257-o

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Tue Feb 21 07:37:17 UTC 2012

> Hi Dave,
> Not being a mind reader you wouldn't know I am using a HP GPS.
> I am still looking at ordering a Sure, but I am stuck between:
> A Garmin 18LV, A Sure GPS Mk I or a Sure GPS Mk II or this:
> http://www.twig.com.au/store/product_info.php?products_id=108&osCsid=f1b73789c789ab97bd81813764de5d69
> Someone help me make up my mind so I can order something already!


1 - Sure Electronics GPS board:
  Includes separate puck antenna and USB cable
  Needs RS-232 cable, two soldered wires, box

2 - Retail GPS 18x LVC
  Needs a couple of connectors to be acquired and leads soldered
  Integrated puck with antenna and electronics

3 - Ready-assembled GPS 18x LVC

If you aren't happy with soldering, perhaps the last is the best option 
for you?  I've only used 1 and 2, and of those (2) is the neater but about 
twice the price in the UK.


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