[ntp:questions] ntp version 4.2.7p257-o

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Tue Feb 21 09:23:12 UTC 2012

Oh no I have a tom tom for the Car ;)

I have everything I need in place, a couple of spare 27db bullet antennii already up on the eaves, outside, I can knock up PSU's or TTL convertors as needed.

Cables already run, I can crimp bnc, sma, tnc on the lab end as needed.

Must have, is a GPS RX that doesn't wander halfway across town, has a regular PPS without jitter and outputs PPS and sentence the type 30 refclock can use!
Basically an accurate receiver vs. $$$. I can't do more than 100 bucks I guess.

That's about it, I can't afford to buy everything available ):

It's a shame I can't use the HP GPS I have now. 
The jitter sits on 0.02 all day long but refuses to work under windows ntpd, wonderful under FreeBSD but no PPS workee under windows.

Dave and I have been over, under and around everything to no avail. We thought to try another receiver.

I just had a thought, try it on another windows boxen! Amazing how come I didn't think of that before!

I have the same chassis and system board the freebsd is running on, I'll load windows on and see if that maketh any difference.

Many thanks,

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> > Hi Dave,
> >
> >
> > Not being a mind reader you wouldn't know I am using a HP GPS.
> > I am still looking at ordering a Sure, but I am stuck between:
> > A Garmin 18LV, A Sure GPS Mk I or a Sure GPS Mk II or this:
> >
> http://www.twig.com.au/store/product_info.php?products_id=108&osCsid
> =f
> > 1b73789c789ab97bd81813764de5d69
> >
> > Someone help me make up my mind so I can order something already!
> Make a list of "must haves" and "like to haves" and a budget and list
> the requirements in order.   How will you physically mount the antenna
> and route cables.  What accuracy do you need?   Can you solder you own
> cables?   Just list this all out.
> If you post your list here people will be able to give informed advice
> otherwise it is as if I were to post "what kind of car should I buy"
> --
> Chris Albertson
> Redondo Beach, California

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