[ntp:questions] Sure board not seeing sattelites.

unruh unruh at invalid.ca
Tue Feb 21 23:22:26 UTC 2012

I am having trouble with my Sure gps. I have the gps inside and have run
the antenna out to the edge of the roof ( the window looked out on a
bunch of trees, which seemed to block the gps a lot). The antenna sees
about 1.4 of the sky which should be lots to see enough sattelites to
get a time fix. However, I am finding that it will suddenly stop getting
a fix for long periods of time ( almost 15 hours now). 

Here is an output from the unit right now. 

which seems to say that it is seeing some of the sattelites, but not
getting a fix at all. The blue light is not flashing. 

I have no idea what is happening here. 
Any suggestions?

The antenna is on the edge of the flat roof. There are two large cedar
trees to the east about 3m away partially blocking about 1/3 of the sky.

If you want to see it, go to 49 15' 59.68N  123 15 06.09W. The trees The
building extention to the west is about 2.5m high so does not block out
that much of the sky. There seems to me to be no reason why the system
should not be seeing enough of the sky to get enough sattelites for a
fix. Defective unit?

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