[ntp:questions] GPS Jammers in Use by Criminals - Warping Time for Fraud Suggested

jimp at specsol.spam.sux.com jimp at specsol.spam.sux.com
Thu Feb 23 21:08:29 UTC 2012

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> jimp at specsol.spam.sux.com wrote:
>> In this case what is being jammed is position, not time,
>>  and this is so smarter car thieves can defeat systems like LoJack.
>> This is a much easier case as all that has to be jammed
>>  is the GPS in the car being stolen.
> LoJack is a radio beacon, it transmits a ID#,
> but no location information.

Well, I did say "systems LIKE LoJack", but if you want to be anal about it,
how about "systems like OnStar" which do send location information?

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