[ntp:questions] Frequency Offset

Alby VA albyva at empire.org
Thu Feb 23 21:44:09 UTC 2012

On Feb 23, 4:29 pm, unruh <un... at invalid.ca> wrote:
> No, that is a very typical figure for the frequency offset. Remember
> that the crystals used to control the timing in computers are not
> supposed to be terribly accurate. (They are chosen to be cheap, not
> great).
> It is because such frequency offsets exist that ntp was invented to
> correct.

  When you say "crystals used to control the timing in computers",
are you referring to the parts that make up my actual FreeBSD
Server (ie: Motherboard)?  Or Parts in the GPS Device (ie: Sure Elec.
Or in the Satellites receiving the GPS signal?

 I'm just trying to gauge, what hardware should be looking to obtain
improve that frequency offset. Or is it a moot point unless I'm going
invest in some high dollar atomic clock?

 Or better yet, can I buy quality crystals from DigiKey and do some
soldering in whatever devices that need crystal upgrading?

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