[ntp:questions] GPS Jammers in Use by Criminals - Warping Time for Fraud Suggested

Uwe Klein uwe at klein-habertwedt.de
Mon Feb 27 11:32:58 UTC 2012

David Woolley wrote:
> Jason wrote:
>> So, what would be a characteristic symptom or tell-tale of jamming?
> Simple jamming, as used to defeat vehicle tracking, would result in the 
> loss of all satellites.  Sophisticated jamming, to produce a false time, 
> would, for its target, produce a slow drift in the time, with no alarms, 
> although the signal strength would be higher than usual.  Receivers at 
> the limits of jammer range might not be able to get consistent solutions 
> across different satellite combinations, so might alarm for that, and 
> otherwise might behave as for a simple jammer.

What kind of deviations (type, magnitude) can I introduce via
spoofing WAAS or EGNOS transmissions ?


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