[ntp:questions] Change poll interval at runtime?

Uwe Klein uwe at klein-habertwedt.de
Tue Feb 28 08:23:28 UTC 2012

David J Taylor wrote:
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>> Zilog was completely standard on sun4c and sun4m so it's neither case 
>> of non-standard nor faulty hardware.  It's just different (but 
>> standard for the architecture).  It also hasn't been fully worked 
>> through likely because the much more recent Sun hardware had shifted 
>> to other hardware components in an effort to reduce costs.  
>> Eventually, of course, Sun switched architectures entirely and the 
>> latest Sun hardware has an Intel based design rather than the orignal 
>> Sun RISC processor designs.
> OK, so non-standard architecture (for today), then!  

The IBM-PC Hardware was quite the regression for the time.

The 68k and Z80 Systems had "real*" and capable IO integrated circuits.
The initial TTL bitbang stuff was really limited.

Z8035, Z8530, M68851, M68230, ..


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