[ntp:questions] NTP server near Houston?

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Sun Jun 3 12:43:32 UTC 2012

bob at coolfone.comze.com wrote:
> Can someone help me figure out a really good NTP server near Houston?

I assume you mean Houston, Texas, USA?

The answer is going to depend on details of your ISP, as a server 
geographically close to Houston may well be a long way away in network 

Your ISP and the exact product you use, and possibly your exact 
location, will determine what are realistic expectations from a server. 
  There is no point in overloading a really good server, if the time is 
really bad by the time it reaches you.

Knowing your definition of "really good" and the application, would also 
help, as it is selfish to choose a server that is better than you really 

Also, you should be looking for at least four, independent good servers. 
  If you are running an application that can only support one server, it 
is rather unlikely that you can justify using a "really good server".

Finally, if time really is critical to you, and you have  reasonably 
clear view of the sky, you should be using GPS as your primary source.

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