[ntp:questions] NTP server near Houston?

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Mon Jun 4 18:46:49 UTC 2012

Ron Frazier (NTP) wrote:
> In your case, you probably want to use US specific pool servers.
>  You can do this by putting the following in your ntp.conf file.
> server 0.us.pool.ntp.org
> server 1.us.pool.ntp.org
> server 2.us.pool.ntp.org
> server 3.us.pool.ntp.org

 If you instead use:
pool us.pool.ntp.org iburst preempt

NTP will automatically add servers (up to maxclock),
 and as it drops some, it will add more;
  eventually, you will likely end up with
   a clique of servers that have lower offset to you,
   and are also close in time to each other.

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