[ntp:questions] NTP vs RADclock?

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Wed Jun 6 03:11:14 UTC 2012

Bill wrote:

> And this says "A good-quality GPS with consistently good satellite
> visibility can cost many thousands of dollars by the time you have
> persuaded the building supervisor to mount it on the roof and run a
> cable to your office. Oh, and it will take you six months to make it
> happen?minimum"
> Sheesh.
> Try $50 and 15 min.  A Sure gps pointing out an east facing window 5m
> below the roof stably gives its pulse per second with us accuracy.
> One would have a lot more faith in the system were the hype not so
> obvious. 

You are being harsh.

Your world is just as alien to many folks as the accurate world view
described in the report is for a significant number of other folks is to

There are commercial buildings where rooftop access is simply not

There are many locations that require union electricians and permits and
inspections to do the cable runs.  These "people" costs can dwarf the
equipment costs.

There are many buildings where the quality of the "energy efficient"
window is good enough that a GPS antenna will not get a useful signal.

Similarly, there are towns that do a lot of gov't business, and getting
a CPA firm to audit the books for a company will cost about $3k/year,
because so many companies in town need them.  There are *many* other
places where that same audit will cost more than $10k/year because the
"volume" of business is simply not there, and only a "bigger" CPA firm
can do the audit (it requires peer-review, so the firm has to have a
number of CPAs on-staff to do this).


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