[ntp:questions] How to insert a leap second with ntpq

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Thu Jun 21 19:57:27 UTC 2012

ZHOU.Jun wrote:

> Yes, because this version is used by our costumers.

Current NTP servers will respond correctly to NTP V3 requests, and can 
be forced to act as V3 clients.

> I have to be  in line with  them.
> Another question,in my case, I have two NTP server. NTP1 and NTP2
> NTP1 is the server and NTP2 is the client.
> Normally, I will trigger leap second from NTP1, then theoretically, NTP2 will receive leap second.
> Then how can i confirm that NTP2 received the leap second from NTP1?

The "rv 0" sub-command of ntpq.

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