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Fri Mar 2 02:05:55 UTC 2012

On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 4:43 PM, Ron Frazier (NTP)
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> A) You said it has to be a timing GPS.  How do you tell?  I haven't seen
> that term in any of the data sheets.

You down load the user manual and read it BEFORE you place an order on
the GPS receiver.  Also check that the manual is well written and
complete and that you can even find a manual to download.

> B) How would I program the unit?  I prefer to change the baud rate to at
> least 57,600 and set the NMEA sentence for GPZDA only or GPGGA only.

If it is a good timing GPS it likey will not be using NMEA.   Read
what you wrote above to see the  work arounds one needs to make NNMEA
usable.  These GPSes will have fixed length binary output
> C) Is documentation readily available for the unit?

See #1.
> D) Would it need a firmware update and is that even possible for these older
> units?

The only GPS I know of that needs new firmware is one of the Garmins.
But I don't know them all.

> E) What accessories would I need to get it going and are they available?
>  Antenna?  Specialty cables?  Power supply?  Connectors?

Hopefully #1 answers this.  Typically all of the above.

> F) I really don't prefer to put the unit or antenna outdoors for two
> reasons.  There is the issue of plugging the hole in the wall or window.
>  Also, masts and wires can be a lightning hazard, particularly in GA.  We
> have the 2nd highest incidence of lightning in the US.  Ham radio equipment
> incurs similar risks.

Hopefully you have a large south facing window with a good view of
most of the sky.  Then spend some $$ and look for a higher gain
antenna, maybe 30+ dB

But even in Florida you can install the antenna so it is safe.   You
need to ground the mast and also have a lightening arestor inline.
Talk to ham radio people about how to do it.

I use a 1" iron pipe that goes through the roof.   It is not hard to
seal the hole and make it water proof.  They sell aluminum flashing
just for this purpose. The pipe is about 5 ft long with half n the
attic half outdoors

> So, would these units, with the recommended antenna, be capable of working
> indoors?

Mostly you can do OK.   But not if "indoors in on the first floor of a
tree floor building with a window shaded by a tree.   A attic is not
to bad.     Get a higher gain antenna
> Any other random data I need to know about working with older equipment?

the old joke is true: "A man with one watch knows what time it is.  A
man with two watches is never sure."   You are going to end up with
more then two of everything eventually, just admit it now.  You need a
way to measure everything and to know your measuring equipment is
working.    This is a process that does not end

Chris Albertson
Redondo Beach, California

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