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David E. Ross nobody at nowhere.invalid
Tue Mar 6 16:01:36 UTC 2012

On 3/6/12 6:30 AM, Phil Fisher wrote:
> Dear Moderator
> Due to an oversight on my part I would be grateful if you could remove the signature (like that below) from the previous post and NOT BOTHER POSTING THIS RESPONSE. (Or remove the post and ask me to do it again sans signature part)
> If this is not possible please accept my apologies and I will be more careful in future. *grovel*
> --
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> This message contains confidential information and may be
> privileged.
> If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender and
> delete the message immediately.
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Two issues about your signature --

First of all, the separator should be "-- " (dash-dash-space without the
quote marks) per RFC 3676 (Section 4.3).  You have only "--"
(dash-dash); the required space at the end is missing.  If the separator
included the space, removal of your signature for replies would be
automatic with most (all?) modern newsreaders.

Second, your caveat about confidential information is not enforceable,
whether in a one-recipient E-mail message or in a broadcast newsgroup
message.  Actually, in the latter case (e.g., this newsgroup), your
caveat is at best strange since your message is visible to anyone with
an Internet connection.


David E. Ross

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