[ntp:questions] Peer Review of ntpq -c rv

Alby VA albyva at empire.org
Wed Mar 7 16:24:38 UTC 2012

On Mar 7, 10:46 am, Chris Albertson <albertson.ch... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 4:26 AM, Alby VA <alb... at empire.org> wrote:
> >  I'm looking to get a little feedback on if the following output of my
> > Sure GPS / FreeBSD
> > setup looks like its running smoothly and keeping time correctly.
> The graphs say your system is running "well enough" for most purposes
> but a BSD system with a Sure GPS can do about 100 times better.    You
> could be at the single or double digits of u-seconds, not mS.
> Two questions:
> 1) How is the GPS physically connected, and how long and what types of
> cables?  Does the PC need RS232 voltages and you are feeding it TTL?
> 2) Where is the antenna, what is near it?  Anything reflective and how
> much of the sky can it see.
> Chris Albertson
> Redondo Beach, California

 My Sure GPS is connected via the RS-232 port/cable to the COM port
off my FreeBSD box, along with a USB cable to provide power. In
length, its only a few feet long. As for the antenna, I'm being lazy
at the moment, with it sitting inside a basement window with a clear
view of the western sky. I'm sure when I get around to mounting it on
a roof top, its visibility will be much better. But in its current
location, it still sees 5-8 satellites.

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