[ntp:questions] ARRGH!!! I woke up to a 50 SECOND clock error.

Ron Frazier (NTP) timekeepingntplist at c3energy.com
Wed Mar 14 02:28:53 UTC 2012

On 3/13/2012 10:05 PM, unruh wrote:
> On 2012-03-13, Ron Frazier (NTP)<timekeepingntplist at c3energy.com>  wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I just woke up to a 50 SECOND clock error.  Prior to the error, with my
>> PC locked into the GPS and the internet servers noselected, here's what
>> my peerstats looked like.  Baseline is the GPS.  Colored lines are
>> internet servers.
> Did you shut down and restart your computer? Did you perchance do this
> during the daylight savings time transition on a Windows system? Could
> the error be related to the fact that Windows like time on localtime not
> UTC?

Good question, but no.  The change to DST occurred early Sunday 
morning.  This event occurred early Monday morning and I noticed it 
today, Tuesday morning.  By that time, the system was already well 
stabilized on DST.




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