[ntp:questions] ARRGH!!! I woke up to a 50 SECOND clock error.

John Hasler jhasler at newsguy.com
Sat Mar 17 12:54:03 UTC 2012

David J Taylor writes:
> But in the UK from Virgin Media I have 30 Mb/s down, 1 Mb/s up.  I
> have been promised an upload speed increase about 18 months ago to 2
> Mb/s up, which is more sensible...

Such a very high cable download speed is a peak burst speeds on a shared
medium.  Your sustained performance is not likely to be more than a
fraction of it.

> Not ideal, but I prefer cable to ADSL.

You'd get less jitter with DSL.
John Hasler 
jhasler at newsguy.com
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