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On 3/18/2012 6:17 PM, Chris Albertson wrote:
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>     Hi all,
>     I was doing some GPS research and found this site with lots of
>     GPS's and accessories.  Just thought I'd pass it along.
>     http://www.gpssensors.com/
>     I don't know which ones are timing GPS's.
> None of them.   If you are looking for a brand new timing GPS and 
> don't like buying on eBay, I think the best deal is going to be The 
> M12M because Synergy has offered to sell to people on these email 
> lists at a discounted price of just below $60.  If you had to pay list 
> price for a new production timing unit you'd pay 10X that much.    I 
> don't mind buying older units on eBay but I can understand if sue one 
> wanted technical support and a warranty and current 2012 state of the 
> art, you don't get any of that on eBay.
> Here is a link Synergy M12M 
> <http://www.synergy-gps.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=104&Itemid=109>
> You will have to talk directly to them about buying it and ask for the 
> reduced price.    I have two of a 15 year old version of this.  I 
> looks almost the same.  they have the same 10 pin male header except 
> now they use 0.05 inch sping rather then 0.1
> -- 
> Chris Albertson
> Redondo Beach, California

Hi Chris,

I'm definitely saving the link you gave in case I need to buy one of 
those.  While the following GPS's available from this vendor may not be 
timing units in exactly the same context as the one you mention, they 
may not have sawtooth correction, cable compensation, and stationary 
survey, etc., they do all have PPS as far as I know, so they could be 
used for timing within + / - 1us or so.  Some, possibly better.

Garmin 16xHVS
Garmin 18xLVC
Garmin 18x5Hz
Garmin 15xH series
Garmin 15xL series
Globalsat EB-3531
Globalsat EM-406A
Globalsat EM-318-01
Globalsat EM-318-02
Globalsat ER-332
Globalsat ET-332
Globalsat MR-350P

I also found this cool comparison chart of globalsat units.






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