[ntp:questions] PSYCHO PC clock is advancing at 2 HR per second

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Wed Mar 21 03:46:38 UTC 2012

Rick Jones wrote:
> Ron Frazier wrote:
>> BlackList wrote:
>>> unruh wrote:
>>>> Dave Hart wrote:
>>>>> frequency adjustments aren't compounded like that.
>>>> Lets hope not, but on his system, something DID trigger a runaway.
>>> What about power saving frequency management of the core NTP is using?
>> I doubt that's relevant.  I currently have both min and max CPU speed
>> set to 100% as someone mentioned it before.
> I forget - was that at the BIOS level or up in the OS?
>  If the latter, best check the BIOS too - for example,
>  HP ProLiant systems (not sure about PCs but perhaps
>  there too) have an automagically done by firmware power
>  management mode...

... and some modern CPUs will vary core frequency
 and power independent of the BIOS and OS settings
 to keep the temperature of the CPU below thresholds.

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