[ntp:questions] Any chance of getting bugs 2164 and 1577 moving?

unruh unruh at invalid.ca
Thu Mar 22 15:42:21 UTC 2012

On 2012-03-22, David J Taylor <david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid> wrote:
> "Harlan Stenn" <stenn at ntp.org> wrote in message 
> news:E1SATSh-000MHB-JZ at stenn.ntp.org...
>>> My take is the precision output might say your device is -19 so you
>>> know its accuracy is around 2/microseconds. But the offset several
>>> decimal places allows you to see its ever changing accuracy within
>>> that 2/microsecond band to a greater detail than just -1, 0, or 1
>>> microseconds. I guess its just a matter of getting more granular
>>> details for cool MRTG charting. :)
>> Except it's not - it's really just "noise" and one must be careful about
>> interpreting it as "signal".
>> H
> Until you can measure it you don't really know.  Suppose the -19 reported 
> by NTP isn't actually the correct value for the system?

Measure what? Why do you think that ntp reporting the offset with an
extra three decimal points would allow you to measure anything? What in
your mind would you expect to see in that output that would allow you to
"measure" something that would tell you that the -19 was wrong? Remember
ntpd DID measure something in order to determine that -19. What do you
think the extra decimal places would give you? 

> Cheers,
> David 

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