[ntp:questions] Any chance of getting bugs 2164 and 1577 moving?

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>> Measure what? Why do you think that ntp reporting the offset with an
>> extra three decimal points would allow you to measure anything? What in
>> your mind would you expect to see in that output that would allow you to
>> "measure" something that would tell you that the -19 was wrong? Remember
>> ntpd DID measure something in order to determine that -19. What do you
>> think the extra decimal places would give you?
> Most likely I would be looking at a histogram of the reported offsets, and 
> see whether it was gaussian, flat, or whatever, and how wide.  I might 
> learn something from that.

No. Not if it is just noise. 

> Others have reported precisions better than -19, and also have a need for 
> greater reporting precision.

That is a valid issue. 

> There seems to be an impression out there that I'm trying to show 
> something is wrong - I'm not.  I suggested an enhancement so that the 
> precision of ntpq matched that of the loopstats.  That's all.

precision is not accuracy.
In science we teach students not to report unwarranted precision-- the
precision should reflect the accuracy of the measurements. We keep
getting measurements to the mm and reported precision to angstoms
because that was what the calculator spit out. 
 I am not averse to reporting with a precion maybe up to a factor of 10
better than the accuracy, but any more is just silly and misleading (as
you are demonstrating in believing that a greater precision would convey
some extra information. 

> David 

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