[ntp:questions] YEA! My Sure Electronics GPS just arrived.

Ron Frazier (NTP) timekeepingntplist at c3energy.com
Sat Mar 24 03:25:08 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I just discovered an interesting thing about the Sure board's serial - 
USB converter.  I went ahead and installed the driver.  With this serial 
- USB converter, which is a Silicon Labs CP210x chipset, no matter which 
USB port I plug it into, it becomes COM6, which was the next one 
available.  With the Prolific based devices, including the TU-S9 and the 
BU-353, each subsequent USB port I plug into becomes a new com port, so 
those devices became COM3, COM4, and COM5 respectively as I plugged them 
into succeeding USB ports.  I can see pros and cons either way.

With the Prolific way, if I move the device to a different port, I have 
to have a different setup in the ntp.conf file, although you could 
probably have multiple setups, and if nothing is attached to a given 
port, then it gets ignored.

With the Silicon Labs way, I only have to have one set of configuration 
options in ntp.conf.  However, what happens if I plug in another device 
with the same chipset?  I'm assuming the next one will become COM7.  
But, now, if I unplug both and plug them back into the same ports, but 
in the opposite sequence, I'll bet the original 1st device will now be 
COM7 and the original 2nd device will be COM6.  I can see how this would 
cause some problems.

I have not tested yet whether this board's USB port has a built in 
driver in Linux.




(PS - If you email me and don't get a quick response, don't be concerned.
I get about 300 emails per day from alternate energy mailing lists and
such.  I don't always see new messages very quickly.  If you need a
reply and have not heard from me in 1 - 2 weeks, send your message again.)

Ron Frazier
timekeepingdude AT c3energy.com

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