[ntp:questions] A must read: Is MBA critical for techies to shape their career

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Thu Mar 29 06:51:36 UTC 2012


I was curious to find out about the job trends for fresh graduates and
if an MBA will help me find even better job, when I came across these
two articles on a website. It gave me some startling trends that are
being followed in industry. A must read for all. It helped me and I
thought it might help you as well.

Winning, The Azim Premji Way

Azim Hashim Premji, a supernova in the Indian IT industry is one of
the most revered names in the tech scenario of all time. His words of
wisdom will surely prove to e a winning streak to most of us


The Unwanted Tech Kids

Youth in our country considered as the future representatives of the
nation at the global level, don’t you think they must be given good
opportunities to showcase their talents and utilize their skills at
their best level to help the country’s economic growth?


Do Techies Need an M.B.A?

We generally think that an MBA degree is a must to climb the corporate
ladder in order to reach the zenith of success.


Thank You, please do feel free to comment if you felt this was helpful

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