[ntp:questions] What is the NTP recovery time from 16s step inGPSserver?

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That is one description.  Another would be it is a fully functional
linux computer with LAN, HDMI, SVideo, Audio, USB, Serial, and a GPIO
bus with the footprint of a credit card, no moving parts which draws
only 2-3 watts for US$35.

My pi units run various processes such as NTP, web hosting and data IO
at a fraction of the cost of conventional hardware.  Step changes in
computing technology are pretty rare.  Having developed on them a couple
of months, I put the pi into that category.

Oh yes, and the silence of the pi's is worth the US$35 alone.

It really depends if you prefer your glass to be half full or half empty


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unruh wrote:

> Interrupt latencies in my measurements tended to be at the one or 2 
> microsecond level. (drive a pin on the parallel port up, measuring 
> when

The Raspberry Pi is basically a headless PDA, using smart phone type
processors.  It is optimised for power consumption, not speed.

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