[ntp:questions] Do I have a lock to my NMEA GPS?

Ralph Aichinger ralph at pangea.at
Mon Nov 12 20:24:16 UTC 2012

John Hasler <jhasler at newsguy.com> wrote:
>  The resetable fuses protecting the USB outputs have been removed. This
>  feature was implemented on some later revision 1.0 PCBs by replacing
>  the fuses with links; revision 2.0 permanently implements this
>  modification. It is now possible to reliably power the RPI from a USB
>  hub that back feeds power, but it is important that the chosen hub
>  cannot supply more than 2.5A under fault conditions.

I tried backpowering, but at least for me it was completely unstable.
Might have been my hubs, as backpowering is a nonstandard use of USB.


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