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Thu Nov 15 01:49:53 UTC 2012

gbusenberg at yahoo.com wrote:> syncs time with
>      remote         refid st t when poll reach delay  offset jitter
> ===================================================================
> *  2 u  407  512  377  0.051 119.693 37.748
> only supports NTP Version 3

While is a publicly routable IP address {unlike},
 Directly assigned to Computer Sciences Corporation in Falls Church, VA, US
 (CSC-68) {IPADM299-ARIN, padmin at csc.com}

 It doesn't appear to be currently routed {Perhaps due to hurricane Sandy?}
  Although I can't find any recent route announcements for it either;
   and several routing databases historical data suggests it hasn't hasn't for a long time
   {since perhaps the late 90's}.

Either you are using a internet routable address assigned to someone else,
 as a local private IP {Which you should never do};
 or there isn't really a ntp server at

 Perhaps you are just munging that server's real IP address?

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