[ntp:questions] Enclosure for Sure Electronics GPS board

Terje Mathisen "terje.mathisen at tmsw.no" at ntp.org
Thu Nov 15 10:34:03 UTC 2012

Ralph Aichinger wrote:
> I've ordered a Sure Electronics GPS for my Raspberry Pi.
> http://www.sureelectronics.net/gallery.php?id=99&img=6353
> Like the Raspi itself, it is sold without an enclosure. Unlike
> the Raspi there is not enough of a market for custom cases for
> this board.
> As there are several people here using this board: What
> kind of enclosure are you using? Or are you just using the
> board "naked" (which I would rather avoid, as accidents
> can and will happen, and I am not convinced this board
> will survive coffeespills or similar)?

All three of my Sure kits are running inside a standard kitchen freezer 
box, costing about a dollar or so!

I just drilled/dremel'd openings for the three connectors and used the 
original foam material (cut to size) from the Sure box as a lift/offset 
to get the board up from the bottom of the box:


Perfectly workable, dirt cheap. :-)


> If there is a case by a manufacturer selling to Europe
> (like Hammond Electronics, Bopla, Teko) that is a perfect
> fit, I would be especially happy. I suppose for use without
> the DB9 serial connector, I just need to drill a larger hole
> for the mini-USB, another one for the antenna, and a third
> one for the 4 GPIO connections (GNS, RXD, TXD, PPS)?
> Bonus points for a flat (not much higher than the board)
> enclosure.
> /ralph

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